Specialty Engineering

ALACEG is recognized as leader in precast concrete specialty engineering. Services provided to precast concrete producers and their associations include:

  • Product design
  • Shop drawings
  • Analysis of precast concrete frames and structures
  • Value engineering of structures for possible conversion to precast concrete
  • Analysis and design of unusual and innovative connections

Projects incorporating specialty engineering services include:

  • Stadiums and Arenas – These range from high profile projects such as the major stadiums and arenas
  • Parking Structures – Furnishing concrete specialty engineering for parking structures of all sizes. This service is also included Parking Structure Planning and Design.
  • Total Precast Buildings -All sizes and types of all-precast buildings
  • Architectural Cladding and Insulated Panels – These can be as simple as sandblasted spandrel panels on a parking structure to intricate geometrical shapes with a variety of finishes on high-rise buildings.

For more information on how we can assist in your specialty engineering needs, please contact us.